Search Engine Optimazation (SEO)

When I taught my SEO class for the first time at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, I announced to the group that “I have time built into today’s session for questions so please ask me whatever you like as we move along instead of waiting until the end.” And then one person bravely raised their hand and asked a question, and I answered it. The manner in which I answered the person’s question must have communicated to the other attendees that I was sincerely there to help, would give them recommendations in a specific step-by-step format, and would never include sarcastic comments in my answer. Well, whatever I said opened the proverbial question flood gate. Question after question was fired at me and they were outstanding. Attendees asked me about 60 questions over the course of nearly 5 action-packed hours.
Here’s one of the top FAQs that I have been asked by business owners while teaching my SEO class.
Q1: Is investing my time toward SEO really worth it? What are some typical results that will benefit my site?
A1: Excellent question, because if the results are insignificant, you would be better off investing your time and cash toward other areas of your business. If your site is not currently optimized, and you implement the 15-step process that I teach in this book, it is highly likely you will realize the following two primary benefits:
Dramatically improved rankings in 30 days or less
Doubling of your Web site’s monthly unique visitors within 90-days or les
And, if you purchased the companion DVD to this book, you already know that I will guarantee these results with my 110% money back guarantee. How is that for an awesome return on investment?
Oh, I recommend that you take a baseline measurement of your current traffic statistics before you begin the optimization process, so you can compare before and after results. Simply make a note of the month, day, and year you upload your first batch of optimized content pages/files so you can compare the number of monthly unique visitors before and after optimization. For example, if your Web site attracted 1,000 unique visitors in June 2009 before optimization, you will have this statistic available when you evaluate July’s results using optimized content.
Stephen Woessner is the author of The Small Business Owner’s Handbook to Search Engine Optimization. Available on You can find Stephen at as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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  1. This is good advice to take accounts of the business activity before you begin

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